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BeitragVerfasst am: Fr Dez 04, 2009 12:18 pm Antworten mit ZitatNach oben

Servus ich poste das mal hier, evtl. ist ja bei einem was in der Nähe.

Hi to everyone!

The World Snowboard Day is coming soon and the events’ list keeps growing: we already know that more than 71 snow resorts will propose free activities on Sunday, December, 20th 2009 to enable you to enjoy fun of snowboarding! And all this in more than 25 countries! Only to mention some of them, you will have the possibility to enjoy your World Snowboard Day in China, Russia, Germany, Iceland, USA, Sweden, Macedonia, France, Georgia, or in Italia. Go and discover the other countries involved on You will also find the program of each event!

As the success grows, Rémi Forsans, founder of the event and president of EuroSIMA Mountain Division wants to speak to you today:

“4 years ago, the idea of launching a worldwide event in favour of snowboarding crossed my mind. Quickly motivated by this idea, the EuroSIMA association and the World Snowboard Federation (WSF) decided to support me in this initiative. Today, thanks to the complicity of an exceptional worldwide network, we can announce that the World Snowboard Day is the largest snowboard event in the world. The principle of this event is really simple: attract always more people to meet each other and celebrate together this wonderful sport, provided that it is free and open to everyone. This unheard-of movement went possible thanks to the furious energy of thousand of anonymous people all passionate by this sport, and also thanks to the full support of dedicated partners not counting their time.

We made it a point of honour to offer you this year a more attractive and interactive website than last year. New communication tools are also at your disposal for free and finally the World Snowboard Day will always be what you want it to be! So whether you are a brand, a snow resort, a club, a snowboard school, an ordinary person, a shop or even an adventure passionate, join our big community and help us to show how beautiful our sport is and how motivated its followers and actors are... Organize your own event and make everybody know about it! It’s a unique opportunity and I really would be proud to count you among us! So join us and let’s go on together with this exceptional adventure in the sports’ world! ”
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